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Sermons to change your life Sermons are so wonderfully designed that they hold true in any situation and during any condition.They help the confused human mind understand the way of god through the use of lay men understandable language.No kind of knowledge is required to grasp the theme of the sermon.Many a times we, as humans, get so confused due to the negative conditions and environment around us that slowly we feel that the whole world is incorrect and harsh.We fight we it to prove our point and the more we fight the more we loose.In such conditions none of us benefit.We cannot experience the bliss of god.We cannot see our soul enlightened.And if we are fortunate enough, we have a conscience in us hitting hammers now and then to try and turn ourselves spiritual.We feel depressed when we are not able to do so.And slowly we adapt that lifestyle and do nothing to come out of it. Just in that very condition, sermons help us out in a naturally proven way to return us near to god.But the requirement is that we have to follow the sermons and before we even follow the sermons, we have to understand the sermon correctly.Now we can understand the sermons correctly.But to change the current way of working and thinking is a very difficult process and our sub-Conscious, the most powerful factor, stops us in everyway brand site it can.You will feel it extremely difficult to change yourself even for the good.So there has to be a professional way to help you minimize that transformation period and make it as easy as possible. And one of those professional ways is a 50 day spiritual adventure by theMainstay ministries.They are dedicated in helping you out understand the actual meaning of the sermons.They also teach you a time tested and proven way to follow those sermons in your life.This is an initiative by dr.David r.Mains. He has been a pioneer in many such initiatives and one of the most successful and transforming is his hungry soul initiative.His wife True Religion Skinny karen mains is also dedicated to help the people out of their dilemma.Many people have benefited alone from her books and radio conferences. This 50 day spiritual adventure is not only limited for adults.There are amenities even for the teens and children.There are sermons for them too.They are also taught to adopt sermons in their life in a very playful and innocent way. They True Religion Jeans Canadaare always active in development of new and better ways of helping people follow the sermons in their everyday life.It is because they understand the actual importance of the sermons and have practically applied it to their life and have changed thousands of life, we can be assured that our life will change, and it will change for the good.No matter who we are, how we are and why we are, we always welcome because they know we still can change.We can become better persons and we can lead a spiritual life and become the lighthouses for our near and dear ones.