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Joseph beggs page My song writing skills started after i had taken my guitar to the ukraine for mission work.Whilst playing i’m in the lords army at a children’s home a young girl who had looked very sad began smiling and clapping her hands as i was playing.The lord has placed songs on local radio in northern ireland as well as ucb ireland and radio stations in the uk, usa, sweden and the philippines.Released under thus records with an international cast of artistes such as filipino artist kichie nadal, vlada from switzerland, firefalldown(Also from the philippines), Claudia Santiago from Canada, Lebanese band Beatraid, North American hard rockers North Face Outlet UK Unmasked and Honduran artists Gus n Radialband.Uk artists on the cd include andi oakes, throne room, liz clarke, joseph beggs and lisa donnelly.Karen foster mentioned that u are involved in missions.Pls stand with me in prayers coz since 2008 it has been my heart’s desire to be a tentmaker missionary.Pls pray for me.Thanks!God bless! At 4:42pm on August 10, 2011, Dr.Derek p.Blake said… Glad to meet you joseph, and nice pictures of santerni, went there many years ago, a fascinating place.I watched a documentary a few months ago that put the island at the centre of the atlantis legend, the evidence was very strong when compared to plato’s account and discription. I take it from your page that you are into worship music and from what you said in the cr you sing as well(Very envious).I have been involved in christian music for nearly forty years up until coming over here, but never a singer, totally tone dumb.My instruments are drums and guitar but i have done everything from sound engineer to managing a publishing house, all on a voluntary basis.I have played, worked and recorded with many well known names in christian music, don moen, george hamilton iv, the late norman barrat and many more.Both my wife, who can sing and has a lovely voice(Sung with michael ball and cliff richard etc)Love worship and have been very committed to it, even organising training for worship bands.We do miss that out here. At 10:28pm on June 28, 2011, Marc said… Thanks for the happy birthday for march!I haven’t been on here for ages, and just noticed it!Anyway i think i’ll be going on the site a bit more often now god willing: -) At 1:24pm on May 23, north face online mens light gray jackets flash dry 2011, Karen Foster said… Hi.Joseph. Have a week of enriched blessings there in ireland as you and all involved step out to witness the love of christ where you are.May hearts and lives be touched and transformed for the kingdom of god and may you all have a blessed time together sharing in fellowship.